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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ken & Savi

I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful family this summer.

This little guy reminded me of my own little guy. Endless energy and a pout that will melt your heart. :)

Ken 4 vintage blog

Ken is Superman vintage blog

Ken 1 vintage blog

Ken 3a vintage blog

His sister was not about to be outdone though. This girl had some spunk - as well as some photography ideas. Do I see a Vtech digicam in her future?

Savi 3 vintage blog

Ken & Savi 3 vintage blog

Ken & Savi 1 vintage blog

Ken & Savi 4 vintage blog

This family shot just makes me smile.

Katie & Kids 3 vintage blog

And who says Mom can't get some great shots in too?

Katie 3a vintage blog

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