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Sunday, June 21, 2009

brave baby . NW Indiana Newborn Photographer .

Here's a sneak peek of my newest newborn session. Finally rocked this pose I've been trying. :)

ally 1

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brooke. .NW Indiana Senior Pictures Senior Photography.

Senior Pictures are always a favorite of mine, and I had the pleasure of photographing Brooke a few weeks ago. Here are her faves. 

Brooke 18 vintage blog

Brooke 16 blog

Brooke 17 vintage blog

Brooke 14 vintage blog

Brooke 9 blog

Brooke 10 blog

Brooke 11 vintage blog

Brooke 1 vintage texture blog

Brooke 12 vintage blog

Brooke 3 texture blog

Brooke 20 blog

Brooke 4 vintage blog

Brooke 6 vintage blog

Its a bird, its a plane! its a....

Bird. :)


I have to admit. I think birds are kind of dirty. I'm pretty sure my mom told me they were when I was little and now I want nothing to do with touching a bird....

But, I do think their silhouettes are cute, I once had a wooden one in my living room until it got broken, one of my favorite t-shirts has a bird on it as well as my current journal.

And I totally dig this picture.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

engaged. NW Indiana Engagement Photographer Wedding Photographer

I love my work. Its crazy, slammed, wild right now but I do love it. I'm sorry for all of my clients who don't get blog love but its not personal! Its just that it took everything I had just to get your  proofs to you! 

I'm thinking about "back blogging" just to get some of my work up here but so often I look at my "old" stuff and I don't like it enough to post it... haha... 

But nobody came here to read about my poor business skills... they came to see my work!  So, enjoy this recent engagement session I had. More soon. Honest.

Talk about a striking couple, right?
AG blog

AG blog

AG blog

A fave* AG blog

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