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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sophia - a blast from the past

This is back blogging at its best. I'm not even willing to admit how old this session is!

I'm pretty sure Sophia is the trendiest baby I've photographed... so of course I was in heaven. I think she comes by it naturally since her mama is so trendy too! This was a bittersweet session since they were about to say goodbye to Sophia's daddy as he serves our country.

Cohorn Family 4 bw blog

One happy girl!

Sophia 10 bw blog

Sophia 22 blog

You wouldn't know it but it was FREEZING!

Sophia 2 bw blog

Sophia 3 bw blog

holding hands blog

A request from Mom:

Sophia Frame 1 a blog

Sophia 9 bw blog

Sophia 14 blog

Cohorn Family 5 blog

kiss blog

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Argh, Matey

On any given day you can find John Michael dressed up as a pirate. Last year for Christmas Tara & Adam bought John Michael & Addy pirate costumes and the novelty has not worn off since!

He's also my little drama child. He's the most expressive and I think the most imaginative. I'm regularly overhearing him fighting imaginary bad guys or rescuing people in distress. It warms my heart.

Pirate John Michael 2 webPirate John Michael web


This session had me nervous, I'm not gonna lie. When Sara called to schedule Chloe's 4 year pictures she warned me several times that having her picture taken was like a 3rd world torture device for her sweet daughter. I assured her that we'd get along famously and not to worry... and inside I worried! Its times like this I know why people bring assistants. Entertaining little ones is a full time job.. and doing it while manning the camera is not easy.

But, alas... Chloe and I really did hit it off famously. She was happy and excited and a complete and total JOY to photograph. She was in her element... and I daresay, she could have a modeling future if she wanted, she's that good!

Straight out of the gates... how precious does she look here?

Chloe 5 vintage blog


Chloe 12 vintage blog

Chloe 2 bw blog

*fave* (I am allowed to have two, right?)

Chloe 1 vintage blog

Chloe 10 vintage blog

Well, its clear to see where she gets those good looks from!

Doug & Chloe blog

Sara & Chloe vintage blog

MacFeely Family 1 vintage blog

One thing I love about family sessions is snagging a couple of pictures of Mom & Dad. I hear, more often than not, "Wow, I think the last time we had our picture taken together was at our wedding!" Shame on all of you who can say the same! Schedule a session, you'll be so glad you did!

Doug & Sara vintage blog

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Creative Christmas Cards! **UPDATED OPTIONS!**

Looking for an alternative to the standard Walgreens photo card? This year I'm offering a variety of Christmas Cards.  Here are some examples of what you could do!

(all wording & colors are fully customizeable)

Option 1


Christmas Card 1a copy web


Christmas Card 1 copy web

Option 2


Christmas Card 2a copy web


Christmas Card 2 copy web

Option 3

Thinking a different color suits you? Request a color and we'll find something that's perfect. :)


Christmas Card 3a copy web


Christmas Card 3 copy web

Option 4


Christmas Card 4a copy web


Christmas Card 4 copy web

Option 5


Christmas Card 5a copy web


Christmas Card 5 copy web

Option 6


Christmas Card 6a copy web


Christmas Card 6 copy web

Option 7


Christmas Card 7a copy web


Christmas Card 7 copy web

Option 8


Christmas Card 9a copy web


Christmas Card 9 copy web

All colors & words & sides are fully customizeable! Don't be afraid to ask for what you want! For example - if you'd like Option 8A with Option 9B in red go for it!

Email me at for prices and information!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jessica & Nick

I'm super jazzed about Jessica & Nick's wedding next year. :) This was one of my favorite e-sessions in a while.

These are my faves. :)

Jessica & Nick 18 art blog

Jessica & Nick 11 art blog

Jessica & Nick 1 art blog

Jessica & Nick My Pick 1 blog

Jessica & Nick My Pick 2 blog

Jessica & Nick 5 art blog

Jessica & Nick 15 bw blog

>Jessica & Nick 10 art blog

Jessica & Nick 3 bw blog

Jessica & Nick 7 vintage blog


Some 1 year pictures of this ridiculously cute little man.... who is now 18 months. Gotta love back blogging!

Caleb 1 texture blog

This picture is so Caleb. On the move. :)

Caleb 3 blog

Caleb wraps it up 1 blog

Caleb 12 bw blog

Caleb 7 blog

Caleb 8 vintage blog

Caleb 9 vintage blog

Caleb 10 bw blog

caleb up close and personal bw blog