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Saturday, November 21, 2009


This session had me nervous, I'm not gonna lie. When Sara called to schedule Chloe's 4 year pictures she warned me several times that having her picture taken was like a 3rd world torture device for her sweet daughter. I assured her that we'd get along famously and not to worry... and inside I worried! Its times like this I know why people bring assistants. Entertaining little ones is a full time job.. and doing it while manning the camera is not easy.

But, alas... Chloe and I really did hit it off famously. She was happy and excited and a complete and total JOY to photograph. She was in her element... and I daresay, she could have a modeling future if she wanted, she's that good!

Straight out of the gates... how precious does she look here?

Chloe 5 vintage blog


Chloe 12 vintage blog

Chloe 2 bw blog

*fave* (I am allowed to have two, right?)

Chloe 1 vintage blog

Chloe 10 vintage blog

Well, its clear to see where she gets those good looks from!

Doug & Chloe blog

Sara & Chloe vintage blog

MacFeely Family 1 vintage blog

One thing I love about family sessions is snagging a couple of pictures of Mom & Dad. I hear, more often than not, "Wow, I think the last time we had our picture taken together was at our wedding!" Shame on all of you who can say the same! Schedule a session, you'll be so glad you did!

Doug & Sara vintage blog

1 comment:

CJ, Lori, and Princess Triniti said...

I agree...even though CJ doesn't like the way he looks is ANY picture, I, on the other hand, have enjoyed all of the "couple" pictures we've had you take during each session. They are priceless.

Chloe is a could she not love the camera? That smile is great!