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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ryan & Melinda

In March I got to shoot a wedding for an awesome couple, Ryan & Melinda. I had also been able to do their engagement pictures so it was fun to be able to work with them again and be there on their special day. It was a cold and rainy day but amazingly it stopped raining just in time for us to take the outdoor photos and they turned out great!

Ryan & Melinda 4 blog

Ryan & Melinda 6 blog

So sweet.
Ryan & Melinda 8 blog

Ryan & Melinda 10 blog

Ryan & Melinda 11 blog

Ryan & Melinda 1 web

Ryan & Melinda 13 blog

I love this one.
Ryan & Melinda 15 blog

I love catching the priceless moments...
Ryan & Melinda 16 blog

Ryan & Melinda 17 blog

We can all agree these are fantastic shoes.
Ryan & Melinda 3 web

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dave & Mandy

I'm back! OK I know there are no excuses for the giant gap in my blogging. Well actually there are four excuses and they're all running or crawling around the house.... But still.

In April I had the privilege of shooting Dave & Mandy's wedding. What a sweet couple! The day was cold, windy, and rainy but it was still such a wonderful wedding.

Thank you Dave & Mandy for letting me share your big day with you! I wish you all the best!

The beautiful bride. How cute is she?
DMV 1 web

DMV 4 web
DMV 14 web

DMV 22 web DMV 21 web

DMV 11 web

Their first look was so sweet.
DMV 7 web

DMV 18 web

DMV 13 web

I love the fierceness from the girls!
DMV 31 web

DMV 30 web

DMV 36 web

DMV 34 web