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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Little Feet make me happy!


Today is my best friend's wedding... and I'm hoping that I don't go into labor... hehe... but if I do I can't wait to photograph little feet 'til my hearts content!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Landon - blast from the past!

There's nothing better than a chubby baby to light up your day!!  This is a blast from the past but I couldn't help but post it - this little guy is so cute!

Landon 15 blog

landon basket 2 bw blog

landon 1 bw blog

landon 5 blog

Landon 3 bw blog

And talk about expressive! This guy pulled every face in the book. :)

Landon 10 bw blog

Landon 19 blog

And what a champion - handling the snow like a little eskimo. ;)

Landon outside 3 blog

Landon outside 4 bw blog

Landon 22 blog

Thanks for coming to see me Landon!

I'm off to my best friend's wedding so I hope to have some fabulous images of that to bring home... though I'm not the photographer - this time I get to be in the wedding... as a VERY pregnant bridesmaid.    More soon!