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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seniors Seniors

This week was another first for me. I had the pleasure of doing senior pictures for a good friend of ours, Robert. This obviously wasn't my first session with a high school senior... but it was my first session with a guy! I was kind of nervous. It just seems like girls are naturals in front of the camera and guys are kind of awkward. But Robert was relaxed and did whatever I asked of him - and I think the pictures turned out great! Right now he's out of the country on a missions trip but hopefully he and his family will enjoy these pictures for years to come. Enjoy!

Believe it or not this is not the same tree as before! Who knew there were so many great trees in the area?

I don't know if Robert or his mom associate him with this car but I remember when he got it. I love this picture because it is a snapshot of his high school years and I'll always remember Robert in this car!

One of my faves:

Another thing about Robert Johnny & I will always remember. He is incredibly tall... which equates to also have rather large feet. I love this picture.

Another favorite:

Coming up: some great pictures from a family shoot!


Kathy said...

GREAT shots Michelle...really awesome

Julie B said...

Wow! I think I love every single one of them. Especially the one of him holding his guitar.

CJ, Lori, & Princess Triniti said...

Wow, Wow, seem to get better and better each time (if that's even remotely possible). Seeing your latest senior photos makes me even MORE excited to see Triniti's latest.

Tara Sasser said...

Very cool! My fav is the one with his guitar too

Sam said...

they look wonderful! i love them!

and fyi my camera is working, the uploader on the computer just wasnt working!