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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Triniti!

Meet Triniti. I've photographed Triniti sincer her she was in her Mommy's tummy. And it has been nothing short of a joy.

She's almost 100% mobile now so she's making my job more interesting, that's for sure! But I was thrilled with the awesome pictures we got.

She's everyone's little princess.

Check out the new logo too. Thanks Ben!

This picture almost makes me cry its so beautiful. She's simply golden!

But its understandable, right? I mean, how can she not be so stinking cute when her parents are bona fide hotties. ''

1+1=3 :)

I love this picture because CJ & Lori are head over heels in love with Triniti. But their commitment to each other, and to their precious girl, is that nothing but Jesus will be at the center of their family. Now that is stinking awesome.

Thank you Triniti for a year of amazing pictures. I hope we have many years together ahead of us!

Check out this video I put together of her session. I'm trying something new with video and pictures. It was a test run so I have some tweaking to do but I'm loving the idea!

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CJ, Lori, and Princess Triniti said...

Woo Woo! We are always so happy to be your subjects in a photography session. And trust me, Triniti will be yours to photograph for years to come. We look forward to many more sessions in the future if you'll have her. :) Thanks are amazing!