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Sunday, August 31, 2008

.in love.

i think engagement shots are my favorite ones to do... the models are cooperative and they can't stop smiling, they're so in love!

And its hard not to love an engagement shots where the models are... well, model-like! It sure makes my job a lot easier. :)

Enjoy the following pictures I took a couple of months ago.


Tara Sasser said...

those are wonderful...I think I have seen them before?

Clair said...

honestly you really are SUPER talented!!!

Clair said...

PS I gave you an award!

lillian said...

ohhh, very nice michelle!
i think my fav is the one where they are kssing and you see their shadow on the ground..and i like a lot of the kissing shots. what a gorgeous couple!
i haven't visited this site in while..i like a lot of the stuff you have been doing lately!

thanks for our phone date!
love lil

God's Girl said...

Awesome photos. I really enjoyed looking at them. You are very gifted.